Every Saturday night you would find PRISONER OF GRACE rockin’ for Jesus, in praise and worship at Spring Hills Church in Santa Rosa CA. POGcube3aLocated at 3700 Fulton Road, in a building called “The Refinery”, PRISONER served as the praise band for four years at Spring Hills’ NEW HEART MINISTRIES, a Christ-centered 12 Step recovery group in which people engage in the personal recovery work which facilitates healing and emotional growth.

Today, worship is faciliated by the SPRING HILLS CR PRAISE BAND as PRISONER takes a break and regroups and finishes recording a new EP and a new album of original Rock/Pop songs written by award-winning jingle writer & PRISONER Worship Pastor DON COBB.

So what’s all the “praise” and “worship” about, in a 12 Step Christ-centered recovery group? It’s about thanking the One whose Spirit fills us and gives us all power and whose hand actually heals us and guides us through this 12 Step process. We thank Jesus Christ for what He’s done for all of us, and we praise the Lord for mending the hurts, helping us to overcome our hangups and empowering us to change our habits.

Unlike the original 12 Step groups, whose founder called “Spiritual Kindergarten”, the Christ-centered 12 Step recovery group acknowledges our Lord and Savior by name and digs into the Bible for God’s word, His wisdom and direction. Even the original 12 Step group got the 12 Steps from the Christian Bible, which is why 12 Steps are the most effective method of recovering from the throes of addictions of all kinds, as well as healing broken hearts and helping victims of abuse overcome the scars and woundedness that occurs whenever abuse and/or abandonment is inflicted on human beings, both young and old alike.

Adopting a CR-style format for our meetings (Celebrate Recovery), NEW HEART also brings Spiritual teachings and principles from great teachers like Max Lucado and Joyce Meyer, teachings you won’t find at CR groups. NEW HEART brings the teachings of CR founders John Baker and Rick Warren but is able to dig much deeper into the Christian teaching and healing community than CR allows.

Recovery happens at NEW HEART MINISTRIES every Saturday night! Come and celebrate recovery with a meal at 6:30pm followed by 30 minutes of rocking praise and worship by THE NEW HEART PRAISE BAND at 7pm, principle teaching and/or personal testimonies at 7:30pm and then the intimacy of gender-specific small groups at 8pm. Make friends, resolve your issues and find support and accountability and don’t forget to bring your children, because NEW HEART provides free childcare, too!

Let Jesus Christ into your heart and watch yourself heal and overcome addictions of all kinds through Christ-centered 12 Step work and support at NEW HEART MINISTRIES every Saturday night!

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